Chicken Cacciatore, Beef Stroganoff, Lamb Stew–Stir-Fried!

My latest Stir-Fry Guru videos were posted on WeightWatchers nearly two weeks ago while I was in Germany. By the time I returned to New York I should’ve put them up on my site but I dreaded looking at them. The day of the shoot I woke up feeling like I was coming down with a cold. Most shoot days I feel “on” and full of energy. This day, I was definitely off. It didn’t help that I was jumbling my words, and when I was articulate the take was interrupted by a loud car horn, garbage truck or sirens from the streets. The more takes we had to do the more foggy and heavy my head felt. One of the few shots I took on this crazy day was this fun photo of the wok cam and mic “interviewing” my wok.

The day after the shoot I wrote our director Hosik an apology thinking there was no way he got any usable footage. He wrote back that everything looked great but I assumed he was being kind. When I finally got up the nerve to watch the footage I couldn’t believe it turned out fine. While editing the videos our director Hosik got this cool screen grab. Who would guess I was feeling sick.

It’s always enjoyable developing Stir-Fry Guru recipes for It makes me realize that stir-fries are the ideal dish when you want to eat healthy and lose weight. It’s not the usual unappetizing, diet food. The home cooked stir-fry uses minimal fat, emphasize a variety of vegetables, take the emphasis away from meat, and is delectable. For stir-fry newbies who are intimidated by the technique because they think they need a pantry of exotic Asian ingredients, it’s nice to know that a stir-fry doesn’t even need ginger or soy sauce. Simply choose your favorite dish and make it healthier by stir-frying it. This set of videos shows off the genius and versatility of stir-fries by taking classic dishes like Chicken Cacciatore, Beef Stroganoff and Indian lamb curry, dramatically cutting back on fat without sacrificing flavor. Traditionally, these decadent stews take one or three hours to cook but by stir-frying you can reduce the cooking time to just 5 minutes. As the winter draws to a close, treat yourself to a hearty stew reimagined into an easy stir-fry, and shed a pound or two!

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