Spicy Food for Longevity

Over the summer I read a fascinating piece in the Washington Post about the possible connection between longevity and eating hot food. Seems a new epidemiological study of nearly 500,000 rural Chinese found that those who ate spicy meals more frequently may live longer. I do a lot of recipe development but it’s always more interesting to get an assignment that has a health angle. It was fun to receive a request from Bottomlinehealth.com to create a spicy stir-fry to accompany their story “For a Long Life, Get Spicy.” I’m curious to see what new studies reveal about capsaicin and longevity but in the meanwhile, I can guarantee you my Sriracha Chicken Stir-Fry spiced with ginger, bok choy, bell peppers, and tomatoes is easy to make and so good. Check it out.

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