Wok Wednesdays tee-shirts


Hey Wokkers! Are you tired of wokking and walking in dreary aprons and stained shirts and blouses with peter pan collars? To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Wok Wednesdays we have a limited edition special WOK WEDNESDAYS all cotton tee shirt designed by my friend Linda Franklin, illustrator and author of books on kitchen antiques. Hanes made the actual shirts of 100% cotton, and a great online printer printed them. (We bet they kept a sample!) These tees are in a “unisex” style – crew neck, short sleeves, no frills, no wok-beaters (you know, sleeveless), no sheer. Black with white art and lettering. Sizes: S, M, L, and a few XL. Shirts come with washing instructions … ie. like most cotton, these may shrink a little if you put them in the dryer. They are at an auspicious price of $18.88 each which includes first class shipping. Eight is a very lucky wokky Chinese number. In Chinese, the word for 8 is a homonym for prosperity. That’s why many Chinese restaurants’ phone numbers end in 888! Three eights is extra good fortune! We have a limited number of these one-of-a- kind wokkerific tee shirts so place your lucky Wok Wednesdays tee shirts order now with Linda Franklin at barktok@mindspring.com. Please put WOK TEE SHIRT in the subject line of your email. Sorry we can’t do returns.

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