Genius Recipes

Yesterday, was a double genius day. It started with the cool honor of having one of my recipes from The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen featured on’s Genius Recipe! In truth it’s my mom’s delicious Stir-Fried Lettuce. Mama is now too elderly and fragile to cook but this scrumptious dish brings back sentimental food memories. It was so nice Food52 recognized the merits of this simple dish and lavished it with gorgeous images that accompanied Kristen Miglore’s wonderful piece. And before my ego could get too inflated…

photo copy
by the end of the day, I had such severe computer problems I found myself at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store desperate for help. Yes, gazing up at that Genius sign the irony was not lost on me. Confused, frustrated, and worried I sat with a “Genius” hoping he could figure out what I couldn’t. Tis the yin and yang of life.

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