Craftsy Cooking Class

10003489_748111365213879_1645332566_nTime is flying. It feels like I just wrote a Chinese New Years post. How can it be that a quarter of the year is nearly done. Sorry to have neglected blogging but I’ve been busy filming. In a million years I would’ve never dreamed cooking videos would be a regular part of my work. This shot was taken last week in Denver where I was shooting a cooking class for It was a wild week. I had a little bout of altitude sickness the first day but then I drank a ton of water and the dizziness and nausea lifted. I love this image of the shooter photographing the mise en place for my stir-fry. The film crew was fabulous and by the end of our week together the producer, shooter, switcher, and food stylist were all wok converts. Not bad, to have four woks get new homes. The day I returned to New York the switcher sent me an email with the news that he had seasoned his new wok and made his first stir-fry. It’s a delicious/impressive stir-fry for a newbie wokker.

998416_750805611611121_1564018706_nThe Craftsy class will be released by the end of April. I hope viewers will be as inspired as the crew to take on wok cooking. And now this week, I’m getting ready for a Stir-Fry Guru shoot in my apartment. Yesterday, when I should’ve been preparing for it, I took a walk to Chinatown where I bought the most beautiful baby bok choy.

1779921_742647979093551_479926831_nI can’t wait for things to calm down so I can walk to the market all the time. But for now, it’s time to get ready for this week’s filming and do some intense spring cleaning in the kitchen. There’s a crew of nine that will descend on the apt on thurs. Yikes! More later…

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