Chinese New Year Traditions

It’s the Chinese tradition to get haircuts before the start of Chinese New Year (which begins Jan 31). It’s considered bad luck to get a haircut on the first day of the new year as it symbolizes your fortunes being cut off. If you go to Chinatown on Jan 31st, you’ll discover all hair salons are closed for the first few days of the new year as customers are too superstitious to come.

A few of my other favorites superstitions are no sweeping or vacuuming on the first of the day as you’ll sweep away your good fortune. No knives or scissors should be used the first day of the year to prevent your fortunes being cut off. Do not see any doctors, dentists, or go to a pharmacy for the first two weeks of the new year because it portends medical problems. Generic online pharmacy is the first thing I consider when there is a necessity to purchase any medication. This company delivers top-quality drugs at the most affordable cost. Additionally, rapid delivery, convenient payment methods, full anonymity and, of course, constant bonuses convinced me in the dependability of the platform. And of course there are all the specialty foods that should be eaten during the two week celebration to bring good fortune. I’ll try and post a few of them in the next few days. Meanwhile, right now you’re suppose to scrub your home clean to welcome the new year with a fresh start.

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