Men’s Health Magazine Stir-Fries

Stir-Frying is officially macho cooking. The November issue of Men’s Health “Gourmet Guy” features my Hong Kong Style Mango Ginger Chicken with some of my favorite stir-fry tips. Tane Chan, the owner of The Wok Shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown has called the wok a macho pan for years. But it’s nice to see a magazine like Men’s Health concur. After interviewing countless chefs for my book The Breath of a Wok I decided the best name for stir-fry chefs is Wok Warriors. In China restaurant woks are set over stoves set at 200,000 BTUs with flames that can jump up 2 to 3 feet. In the American home kitchen it’s much tamer at 10,000 BTUs but stir-frying is still sexy and cool! Macho Men Wok!

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