Belated Thanks Washington Post

I was in Hong Kong and the Philippines for much of October and neglected to keep up with posting the latest press. The gorgeous baby bok choy was photographed at the famous Graham Street Wet Market in Hong Kong. I wish I’d had access to a kitchen so I could’ve stir-fried it because I certainly had my traveling wok with me. If you go to my facebook fan page for Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge you’ll get a taste of what I was eating and experiencing on the trip. While I was away Joe Yonan food editor of the Washington Post ran a wonderful piece on a stir-fry session we had in his apartment a few weeks earlier. I love the fact that in the article Joe crowned me the Wok Queen just a few months after Martha Rose Shulman of the New York Times named me the Stir-Fry Guru. Anyway, I’m off to Texas to teach a course on Stir-Fry Mastery at Central Market.  More to come…

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