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General Tso’s Chicken

Peng Chang-Kuei the inventor of General Tso’s Chicken, probably the most popular Chinese stir-fry in America, has died at the age of 98. Google General Tso’s Chicken, and you’ll find thousands of images. The obituaries in the New York Times and The Washington Post are worth reading. The documentary The Search for General Tso, released in 2014, is a fascinating look at Chinese American food seen through the lens of this iconic Hunan chicken stir-fry. My favorite scene is when the elder Peng is shown a photo of his General Tso’s Chicken as it’s typically served in America, and he Read More …

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“Chow Chop Suey.” by Anne Mendelson

On November 30th at 7 pm, I’ll be interviewing Anne Mendelson about her great new book “Chow Chop Suey.” This special event will be at the 92nd Street Y and is sponsored by Kitchen Arts and Letters. Anne has written a remarkable book on the history of Chinese American food tracing it from its humble 19th century beginnings when the Cantonese came to California seeking work during the Gold Rush. She is a formidable food scholar and is the author of “Milk” and “Stand Facing the Stove.”     The last time Anne and I did an event together was Read More …

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Jean Yueh’s Shanghai Shrimp

This month one of Wok Wednesdays featured recipes is Jean Yueh’s Shanghai Shrimp from “The Breath of a Wok.” I was planning on posting a little piece on Jean last week and had the idea that I would call her. It had been awhile since we last spoke and I thought she would enjoy knowing our group was about to cook her recipe. To my shock her phone number belongs to someone else. I tried checking FB and google for info on Jean, or her son Ted without luck. I sat staring at the photograph of Jean, Alan Richardson took for “Breath” Read More …

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Uncle Sherman the Wok Master

This month, Wok Wednesdays is stir-frying Uncle Sherman’s Home-Style Chicken and Vegetables and Chef Susanna Foo’s Tofu, Eggplant, Mushrooms, and Sun Dried Tomatoes from The Breath of a Wok. The last time I saw Uncle Sherman and Auntie Frances in San Francisco, they were going strong. Uncle Sherman is about to turn 90 and Auntie Frances is 85. Auntie Frances told me recently, “He’s still cooking. We believe it’s important to keep moving and to keep busy. When we were first married, Uncle Sherman would come home from work, go straight into the kitchen, and change the ingredients I had Read More …

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Margaret Mead and Me

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Margaret Mead Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural History. To shine a light on Margaret Mead’s legacy of boldness, humanity and innovation, the museum is honoring 40 women from diverse backgrounds and inviting them to take part in the celebration. Two months ago, when I received the invitation to be one of the “40 for 40,” I read and re-read the letter several times in total disbelief. “Your gift of transporting us into other worlds and cultures through your inspiring culinary and cultural leadership leads us to make this request.” This Read More …

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    Museum of Chinese in America
    New York City
    Grace is a featured chef in "Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy"

    Museum of Food and Drink
    Brooklyn, NY
    Items from Grace's culinary collection are featured in
    "Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant"

    The Lodge at Woodloch
    Hawley, PA
    Sat, Mar 25, 2017
    Cooking Demo and Booksigning

    Lake Austin Spa
    Austin, TX
    Sat, June 17, 2017
    Cooking Demo and Booksigning

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