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Durian and Wild Wampee

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I never know what I’ll discover on trips to Chinatown. On recent visits there have been lychee, longan (dragon eye), rambutans, mangosteens, mangoes, and dragon fruit. This week I was pleased to see the durian vendor was back. As I was admiring him segmenting the fruit into plastic containers, I heard a woman excitedly say in Cantonese, “I haven’t seen wampee in over 30 years!” That’s when I noticed that the other fruit the vendor was selling wasn’t longan. It was something I’d never seen before that had the look of longan, but was smaller with thin skin and fine hairs. In Cantonese Read More …

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Chinese Broccoli


This week’s Wok Wednesdays dish is Hong Kong Style Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli. In case you’re wondering what Chinese broccoli (gai lan in Cantonese) looks like here’s a shot I took a few years ago in Hong Kong. In Chinatown produce markets in New York and San Francisco, they’re normally sold in 2-pound bundles. It’s stunning to see them beautifully displayed this way in a Hong Kong wet market. On the top row there’s a stalk that has white buds, (they can even be pale green). Once the buds open and produce yellow flowers the broccoli is past its prime. Also Read More …

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Walking in Chinatown today, it’s so nice to see luffa, also known as loofah, angled luffa, Chinese okra and silk squash, in nearly every produce stand. This time of the year they’re perfect. Young, with a smooth, velvety skin, you’ll find the squash are about 10 to 12-inches in length. Later in the season, I stop eating them because they’re so mature, the skin becomes tough, leathery and hard. In China, the overgrown squash can be 2-feet long, are left in the fields to dry and become the loofah sponge, used for bathing.  I took this photo at one of my favorite Read More …

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Stir-Frying is Kids Stuff


I have taught thousands to stir-fry but here’s my favorite student: meet 9-year old Mariam. Her family took my Craftsy online stir-fry class and the following is what her mom Christina posted on the site at the end of March: “Grace Young’s stir-fry class has been a family event in our home. My children 11 & 9, watched the class and did it with their father and me. We all made the dishes together the first time, and then the children would make the dishes themselves. Young shows the right way, and demonstrates while explaining why the wrong way doesn’t Read More …

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Stir-Frying Mangoes


Last week, I took this shot right before I did my mango tutorial for our WeightWatchers Stir-Fry Guru video shoot. I love this photo because it shows how beautiful mangoes are: on the far left is the Kent which has a rich, sweet flavor; Tommy Atkins the most widely available mango in the states–mildly sweet and very fibrous; ataulfo or champagne mango my favorite because it’s buttery and has an intense mango flavor; and the last one is an unripe ataulfo, an example of what not to buy. In New York mangoes started arriving in Chinatown a few weeks ago Read More …

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