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Thanksgiving Sides Stir-Fried


I read recently that the average person eats 4500 calories for a Thanksgiving meal! That’s obscene. Especially when you consider that most people consume 1600 to 2000 calories per day in the U.S.! I confess that I eat more than I should each Thanksgiving but I would guess my calorie count doesn’t even come close to 3000 calories. The entire Thanksgiving feast, from the rich appetizers to the decadent pies is high in calories.  But it’s my theory that the mashed potatoes, green bean casseroles, vegetable gratins, and corn pudding, ladened with butter and cream add unnecessary calories. My secret for a “healthier” Read More …

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Sandpot Stir-Fried Chicken Rice

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Tomorrow’s Wok Wednesdays recipe is classic Cantonese dish: Sandpot Stir-Fried Chicken Rice. Chinese sandpots are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes from 2 to 6-quarts. They’re great for soups and braised dishes but the Cantonese love them for special one-pot rice dishes. A pot of rice is cooked and 5 minutes before the rice is done, a stir-fry of chicken and mushrooms flavored with ginger and a little ham is stir-fried until it’s nearly cooked, placed on to top of the rice and finishes cooking from the rice’s steam heat. The rich sauce, accented with ginger melts into the Read More …

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Spicy Food for Longevity


Over the summer I read a fascinating piece in the Washington Post about the possible connection between longevity and eating hot food. Seems a new epidemiological study of nearly 500,000 rural Chinese found that those who ate spicy meals more frequently may live longer. I do a lot of recipe development but it’s always more interesting to get an assignment that has a health angle. It was fun to receive a request from to create a spicy stir-fry to accompany their story “For a Long Life, Get Spicy.” I’m curious to see what new studies reveal about capsaicin and Read More …

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The Breath of a Wok


Last week, I discovered that in July, “The Breath of a Wok” went into its 10th printing! Can you believe it? Simon & Schuster forgot to tell me. As an author it’s gratifying to have a book that continues to sell. And yesterday, there was more good news. The New York Times reported that e-book sales are slipping and print sales are up. Yay for the old-fashioned book! I posted this info on my Facebook page and was heartened to see there were 17 shares. When people ask me whether to get the e-book or print version of my cookbooks I always Read More …

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Chinese long beans


This summer I’ve been delighted to see plenty of long beans at the Union Square Greenmarket. Not just the traditional green colored variety but the unusual purple ones. Called dul gock in Cantonese, they are also known as yard-long beans in English. In Chinatown the two varieties you’ll find are light and dark green—never the exotic purple. Summer is the season to eat long beans. Chinese old-timers claim it’s the only vegetable that is neutral, neither yin nor yang. Mama used to say the only vegetable a new mother can eat after giving birth are long beans because they are Read More …

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